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Started by the Mexican goverment in 1984 as a way to create jobs on the Oaxacan coast, Huatulco (pronounced wah-TOOL-co) is one of nine federal tourist destinations operated under FONATUR, Mexico’s board of Tourism. Comprised of 21,000 hectares, Huatulco is made up of nine bays and numerous small coves stretching along 35 kilometers of jagged coastline, including 36 white sandy beaches. Huatulco is located in the state of Oaxaca where the foothills of the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains meet the Pacific Ocean.



    Mexico City ———-—-—-— 765 Km


    Puebla ————————-—–— 640 Km


    Oaxaca ——————-———–— 277 Km


    Puerto Escondido —-—–— 109 Km


    Puerto Ángel ———-———— 52 Km








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Huatulco is known for its nine bays and 36 beaches, each with their own charm. The following list mentions the most popular ones to visit.


Santa Cruz Bay


Santa Cruz is the bay that receives cruise ships and has a marina. Most boat excursions leave from here. It also has a beautiful, shady plaza and a handicraft market. This often-crowded beach has calm surf and is lined with restaurants.

Chahué Bay


Chahue Bay is currently under development. This bay will eventually be home to several hotels, condominium complexes and a residential zone surrounding the existing yacht club. As of now, it has a health spa, two beach clubs, some restaurants, night clubs and a small strip mall. The surf can be very strong on this beach so swim with caution.

Arrocito Beach


Arrocito beach is a small, pretty cove with very tranquil surf conditions and great snorkeling. It can be a little crowded with locals on the weekends.

Tangolunda Bay


Tangolunda Bay is a large bay and home of the area’s five-star resorts and golf course. The beach can have large waves, so swim with caution.

Punta Arena Beach


Punta Arena has a virgin, sandy beach with strong surf conditions. It is one of the three beaches located inside Conejos Bay. Be sure to bring your own food and beverages because there are no restaurants on this beach.

La Bocana Beach


La Bocana is a long beach that is popular among surfers because of its large waves. It is easily distinguishable because the Copalita River meets the ocean here. There are a couple of seafood restaurants that overlook the beach. A condominium complex is currently under construction here.

La Entrega Beach


La Entrega Beach is a beautiful, little cove nestled in the bay of Santa Cruz. It is ideal for snorkeling because of its coral bed and tranquil surf. It is a very popular beach and is lined with seafood restaurants.

Maguey Bay


Maguey Bay is a large bay partially lined with restaurants. It has a very pretty beach and at times, strong surf. You can snorkel among the rocks at both ends of this beach.

Organo Bay


Organo Bay is a beautiful, isolated beach that can be visited by boat. It is about a fifteen-minute walk from the main road. It has mild surf and good snorkeling conditions. It has no restaurants so be sure to bring plenty of water.

Cacaluta Bay


Cacaluta Beach is a virgin, heart-shaped bay that can be reached by boat or jet ski. It has a small island in front of the beach (hence the unusual heart-shape) that provides good snorkeling. Be sure to bring food and water because there are no restaurant facilities here.

Chachacual Bay


Chachacual Bay has an insolated, paradisiacal beach that is accessible only by boat. The mild surf conditions and coral beds make it ideal for snorkeling. A smaller beach known as La India is also found in this bay. You can hire boats to take you to this bay from the marina in Santa Cruz. Be sure to bring food and beverages because there is nobody on these beaches except Mother Nature.

San Agustín Bay


San Augustin is a beautiful bay that can be reached by car or boat. It is about 45 minutes from La Crucecita, but is well worth the drive because the snorkeling among the coral beds is wonderful. It is lined with seafood restaurants.



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Three Levels of Huatulco

Explore Santa Maria Huatulco, the first settlement in this area and then head up to Pluma Hidalgo, a small mountain village renowned for its coffee production.


Alberto España

(958) 106-5790


White Water Rafting

From level 1 to 5

This adventurous tour takes you up in the mountains to the rapids of the Copalita River from where you raft down to sea level under the supervision of experienced guides. There are three tours offered, each with a different degree of difficulty.


Aventura Mundo

info@aventuramundo.net www.aventuramundo.net

ATV Tour

This is a fun way to explore the bays. This guided three-hour tour takes you to San Agustin bay and the ATV’s can sit two people, if desired. Be sure to wear sun block and be prepared to get dirty!


Paraiso Huatulco Tours

(958) 587-2878

Waterfall Adventure Tour

Explore Oaxaca’s mountainous region with this all-day tour. An hour is all it takes to get you to paradise. You will have the chance to swim in crystal clear waters, explore a local coffee plantation and enjoy a Oaxacan-style lunch.


Paraiso Huatulco Tours

(958) 587-2878

Scuba Diving

Huatulco offers incredible marine life and has many interesting underwater sites to explore. For information about diving, snorkeling and certification courses, contact the following dive masters:


Hurricane Divers

(958) 587-1107

Ricardo Lebatard

(958) 101-5427


This beautiful, eighteen-hole golf course located on Tangolunda Bay meanders from lush jungle landscape to sunny beachfront. Green fees and cart rentals vary in price depending on the season and clubs can be rented at the Clubhouse. The last tee time is at 4 pm.


Club de Golf

(958) 581-0171

Deep Sea Fishing

Marlin and Tuna abound in the waters off of Huatulco. Boats can be chartered from the marina in Santa Cruz. Huatulco is now hosting a fishing tournament every May and the prizes are pretty good. This year the winner will take home a brand new automobile!


Efrain Garcia

(958) 585-5366

Bird Watching

The tropical foliage of Huatulco is home to many beautiful varieties of birds. From parrots to pigmy owls, there is always something interesting to see through the lens of your binoculars. Alberto España is an experienced guide who will take you to several different sites on this quest to show you the magnificent bird life that this coastline offers.


Alberto España

(958) 106-5790


Bays Tour

This popular tour visits seven of Huatulco’s beautiful bays, stopping at several for snorkeling, sunbathing and lunch. Refreshments are included in the price.


Paraiso Huatulco Tours

(958) 587-2878


Ride Yamaha waverunners on this unique tour to visit the beautiful bays and coral reefs that make up this breathtaking area. Catch a glimpse of dolphins playing early morning. Try the snorkel Express tour, 3 hours of waverunners and snorkeling at the two best reefs in the area.


Luis Santiago

(958) 106-1185


Yacht Rentals

Explore Huatulco’s bays in style aboard your own private yacht. Perfect for day tours, deep-sea fishing or sunset cruises. Live an unforgettable experience in paradise.


Ricardo Lebatard

(958) 101-5427

Archeological Tour

Just minutes from Huatulco, discover the ancient city of Copalitlan. This archeological site is filled with hundreds of species of birds and wildlife. Your knowledgeable guide will escort you through the site and explain to you the history of the area. This 3 hour tour includes binoculars and a snack along the river.


Alberto España

(958) 106-5790


Hagia Sofia

Just a short 45 minute drive from Huatulco, you will arrive to the beautiful, eco-inspired ranch Hagia Sofia where you will discover hundreds of exotic plants from Southeast Asia and South America. Wander through the trails to see the flora and fauna, and then cool off with a dip in a small waterfall. Afterwards, enjoy many local delicacies and fresh juices for lunch.


Hagia Sofía

(958) 587-0871


Turtles And Crocodiles

A fun eco-adventure day! Travel to Ventanilla lagoon where you will canoe through the mangrove jungle canals, home to hundreds of crocodiles and tropical birds. Then you will travel to Mazunte and their aquarium, which is dedicated to the preservation of sea turtles. You will also visit the natural cosmetic factory located in this small village.


Paraiso Huatulco Tours

(958) 587-2878

Cooking Classes

Have a fun time learning how to prepare traditional Mexican cuisine with this three-hour class. There is no better way to get to know a place than through its food.


Jane Bauer

(958) 100-7339


Spanish Classes

For those interested in learning Spanish or improving existing language skills, Huatulco Intensive Language Courses offers various levels of classes. Sue McClam is an accredited Spanish instructor with more than 22 years of teaching experience. Contact her for class schedules or private lessons.


Sue McClam
(958) 113-0372 MX

(803) 463-0349 US Cel.


Oaxaca City Tour

On this 2 day tour you will visit San Jose del Pacifico, a lovely village nestled high in the Sierra Madre mountains and then travel on to San Bartolo Coyotepec, a town known for its famous black pottery. On the following day, you will explore the ruins of Monte Alban and then visit Santo Domingo Temple and its adjoining regional museum.


Sheila Baird
(958) 587-2879


Hotel Misión de los Arcos is not affiliated and in no way responsible for services provided by the above mentioned tour operators.


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Santa María Huatulco


If you are interested in seeing life in a small, Mexican town, you will enjoy Santa María Huatulco. Points of interest include the church, founded in 1700’s, the zocalo and the marketplace. It is about a 45 minute drive from La Crucecita.

Puerto Ángel


This small, funky fishing village still retains its unique charm. Visit Panteon beach and have seafood at one of the restaurants here. It is about an hour drive from La Crucecita.

Puerto Escondido


This town is very popular with surfers and the bohemian crowd. The large waves at Zicatela beach are host to an international surfing contest each November. Numerous restaurants and shops line the beachfront here. This town is about an hour and a half drive from La Crucecita.



This small beach community is about a 15 minute drive up the coast from Zipolite. The government has built a nice turtle museum in the area where fishermen originally slaughtered sea turtles. This aquarium promotes understanding about this endangered animal and more importantly, provides a different source of income for the locals here, now that sea turtle fishing has been prohibited.



With its rustic facilities and nudism, this beach is popular among backpackers and aging hippies. The surf can be treacherous here so swim with extreme caution. It is about a ten minute drive from Puerto Angel.

Ciudad de Oaxaca


This bustling city is the capital of the state of Oaxaca. It is famous for its incredible archaeological sites and indigenous culture. It is a very long, winding seven-hour drive from Bahías de Huatulco or a quick half-hour plane ride.


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