Sam was born to Mexican parents in Spain. His father worked at the United Nations so little Sam had a colorful childhood growing up in Angola, Zaire, Canada, Congo, Korea, Fiji, Mexico and Washington DC. He fell in love with Huatulco in 1986, got a piece of property on what now is town square, and has been a beach bum ever since.

Sherry was born in the United States. In 1990, she began teaching English at a Mexican university on the coast of Oaxaca. As fate would have it, she and Sam ran into each other one day while passing through the market town of Pochutla (moral of the story: sometimes the best things in life can happen in places where you least expect them). It was love at first sight and they were married shortly after. They opened Hotel Mision de los Arcos in 1996.

They are often seen hanging out in reception accompanied by their three cats.